Canyoning in the water and beach - Kourtaliotiko Gorge, Preveli palm beach



6 hours




2 - 12 persons


Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday


Canyoning games in water


09:00 (Depending on your hotel)


Hotels in Rethymno district

Price List
Price List


  • Have fun playing in the waters of one of the few ever-flowing rivers of the island
  • Try rappelling down next to a waterfall
  • Enjoy playful jumps in the refreshing water
  • Discover amazing rock formations and magical caves
  • Hike down the river bed of the most breathtaking canyon of Crete
  • Visit the famous Preveli palm beach

Every Stop a Unique Experience

1st Stop

Preparation and gear breafing

Arriving in the entrance of Kourtaliotiko gorge, we are immediately amazed by the majestic walls that stand hundreds of meters high. We take the stone steps that lead us to the source of the river that formed this scenery through the ages. There, we can visit the little church of S. Nicolas Kourtaliotis, the local saint that lived here as a hermit, and learn about the old myths of the gorge. We take some time to put on our neoprene suits and our personal gear, distributed by the team leaders. Then, the instructors will give a safety briefing so that we can understand the use of our gear and learn to trust it. Now we are ready to get the fun started!

1st Stop

Preparation and gear breafing

2 nd Stop

Canyoning games in the river

2nd Stop

Canyoning games in the river

The source of Kourtaliotiko river becomes a natural playground for us! Feel free to rappel down the steep canyon wall next to the waterfall and try adrenaline jumps in the water as many times as you wish. We swim around, we take pictures and we play like kids! Our specialized instructors and guides will be next to you at all times to ensure your safety and guide you through the different activities.

3rd Stop

Short river trek

Our adventure continues further down the river. Hiking towards the south, we soon discover a small cave called “the fairy cave” – if you are lucky enough, you may see one hiding behind the stalactites and stalagmites! We will hike for about half an hour more to find the best spot for our next stop.

3rd Stop

Short river trek

4 th Stop

Preveli palm beach

4th Stop

Preveli palm beach

After a 15 min. drive we arrive above the most famous destination of the south coast of Rethymno. Here we meet again the river Kourtaliotis – after visiting it’s source, we now admire it’s mouth, flowing through a dense palm forest and into the crystal clear waters of the Libyan sea! We walk down about 500 stone steps to get to the beach, but the view is totally worth it. At the beach you have free time to swim, relax and maybe walk around between the palm trees. There is also a kiosk for you to get food and drinks. In the afternoon we walk back up the steps to access our vehicles but if you feel too relaxed for that and you ‘ve taken all the photos you need, let us know! We may have a way to make the last hike of the day a bit easier… ;)

What’s Included

  • Personal gear (neoprene suit, full canyoning gear)
  • Specialised canyoning instructors
  • English or French speaking guide
  • All transportation
  • Picnic with local products next to the river bed
  • Photos of your days


140 EURO P/P
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