Hike through Cretan Music



6 - 8 hours




2 - 6 persons


Every Tuesday and Friday


Small group


09:00 (Depending on your hotel)


Hotels in Rethymno district

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  • Learn about the famous Cretan ceramic art and the Venetian influence to Margarites’ architecture
  • Wander around the amazing stone built narrow streets of the village
  • Explore the rich flora in the Margaritsano gorge and enjoy the summer sun under the cypress trees
  • Enjoy the experience of trekking next to the running waters
  • Admire the breathtaking view at the chapel next to Psiloritis and get refreshed with a glass of raki
  • Come across the authentic Cretan music tradition  
  • Enjoy the sound of the live music and dance like a local
  • Finish the day at a traditional Cretan “kafeneio” and try some "mezedes"

Every Stop a Unique Experience

1st Stop

Explore the Margarites village

The tour starts by a pleasant walk near to the foothills of mountain Psiloritis welcoming us at Margarites village. Beautiful narrow paths, amazing stone-built homes surrounded by spectacular architecture of old Venetian mansions, all these transfer us to the atmosphere of another era. Margarites village is famous as the village of pottery art, where they once produced not only necessary household utensils, but also decorative elements that you can admire nowadays in a more modern version all over the village. If you are lucky, you may find an older pottery expert to show you his ceramic art secrets. As you pass by the remains of Venetian and Ottoman pottery workshops it is admirable to see how their daily routine affected the way of building, for example the placement of a big rock next to the windows, so they can tie their horse. It is very important to see the influence of Ottoman and Venetian civilization and how Cretans incorporated it into their culture.

1st Stop

Explore the Margarites village

2 nd Stop

Through the gorge of Margarites

2nd Stop

Through the gorge of Margarites

Next stop is Margarites Gorge, a magnificent scenery, which is located only thirty minutes from Rethymno. Rich variety of flora, in a lush forest of tall cypresses and low shrubs are waiting to be explored. As you walk down the gorge, accompanied by the sound of running waters, you can admire the water and irrigation mechanisms as they were used many years ago. We are about to view an imposing and marvelous landscape, where the forest dew under the hot Cretan sun feels very refreshing; a hidden treasure of natural beauty, a real and genuine pastureland, where goats may have left their “signs”! Little water streams give their place to rocky formations, so that’s why comfy and suitable shoes are essential. The exquisite and memorable experience leads up to the forest glade. All that plus a simple but splendid chapel with a breathtaking view, is just an undefeatable combination.

3rd Stop

Cretan traditional music and dances

As we reach the top and get close to the church, you may need a couple of minutes just to enjoy and admire the thriving view and feel the summer breeze. What’s more exhilarating than a glass of homemade raki and some Cretan mezedes to take a break? Notes and melodies may be the right answer. Here are the three steps of Cretan fun: Raki, Cretan music, dance and of course laughter! Our experts are here to guide you through the Cretan music and its essentials: “laouto” and “lyra” are the most well known musical instruments in Crete. Learn about “mantinada” and “Erotokritos”, as well as the differences between music traditions in provinces. Dance like a local in the local festivals and surrender to the dancing steps and the Cretan spirit.

3rd Stop

Cretan traditional music and dances

4 th Stop

Time for a Cretan lunch!

4th Stop

Time for a Cretan lunch!

What is better than finishing this day by diving in the Cretan cuisine? Find yourselves in the village of Ancient Eleftherna, in a local “kafeneio”, which means “traditional local tavern” in Cretan. Suit up to taste our specialties; full lunch will follow, with wine, raki and lots of stories!

What’s Included

Hotel Pick-Up & Drop-Off (Only Rethymno District)

English or French speaking guide

Local driver/guide

Transport by air-conditioned car​/mini bus

Exploring the gorge of Margarites

Listen and dance to live Cretan music

Lunch (vegetarian option included)

All taxes, fees and handling charges​

Lots of raki and laughter :)


160 EURO P/P
CHILDREN (3 - 12)50%
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