About Us

Welcome to our homeland!

We are Pantelis and Kostas, two Cretans who love our island's traditions and culture. Our initial conception was a travel agency that would satisfy the needs and desires of each and every traveler that wishes to see through the real Crete. So, we created EcoEvents; a Cretan travel agency, with love and passion for the special needs of our guests in Crete. Our main goal is to feature the culture and habits of Cretan people in every trip; our simple daily values.

We specialize in creating unique experiences, such as organizing excursions to remote traditional villages, so to give to our visitors the opportunity to interact with the locals and learn about their culture and habits. We invite you to witness the activities of the genuine Cretan life, such as harvesting soil and producing traditional products like wine, raki, cheese, traditional rusks, honey, olive oil... the list goes on! We always try to give our guests a warm experience, therefore most of our excursions are in small groups; that is because we value the personal feeling that mass tourism fails to deliver.

Apart from daily trips to villages and natural landscapes, we give our guests the opportunity to organize a trip that will suit them 100%. By getting in contact, we can discuss and design the perfect one-day or multi-day trip for you, your friends or your family. Therefore, we can personalize every experience depending on the taste, the wishes and the needs of each of our visitors. 

Our expertised team, consisting of locals, becomes the extension of the guest's vision. We are flexible in changing the requirements while planning the perfect experience together. 

“Our main purpose is to make you love Crete as much as we do!”

Discover our wide selection of activities, available for every type of traveler; we are sure that you'll find something to suit your taste. And, above all, we are sure that you'll love every moment in our island! 

What We Do

We get involved

We get involved 110% in each project and we never settle with anything less than perfect. We always give our best to be part of every guest's experience!

We want to see you smile

We’re always improving our skills by finding new and interesting ways to accomplish our job successfully and make our visitors as happy as they could be!

We show you the real Crete

By earning our guest's trust, we can show them every part of Crete and guide them around places they couldn't get to without a local companion.