Family Activities to do in Rethymno


Rethymno, located on the island of Crete, is an ideal destination for a family vacation thanks to its rich culture, magnificent landscapes and numerous activities. Here is a guide to the best activities to do with the family in Rethymnon for an unforgettable experience.

The Cretan Way of Life in the Mountains of Rethymno

Immerse yourself in the traditional Cretan way of life by visiting the mountain villages around Rethymno. These picturesque villages offer a glimpse of local culture with their stone houses, narrow streets and friendly people. You can taste typical snacks of a Cretan farmer in a landscape surrounded by mountains and scents of aromatic herbs, walk around the village of Apladiana and learn many things.

It’s an authentic experience that will delight the whole family.


Boat Trip from Rethymno to Ompros Gialos and Cooking Class in Vamos

Start your day with a boat trip from Rethymno to Ompros Gialos, a small but beautiful rocky beach with a small pier. The beach is difficult to access from land, which is why few people come here. The excursion will continue in the village of Vamos, one of the most beautiful villages on the island with a fantastic view of the sea and the mountains so you can prepare your Cretan meal. This activity combines adventure, relaxation and gastronomy for a perfect day.


Cruise on a Pirate Ship

Embark on a pirate ship cruise from Rethymno. This activity is especially fun for children, who can dress up as pirates and participate in games and treasure hunts on board. Adults will enjoy the spectacular views of the Cretan coast and the opportunity to relax at sea. A day on a pirate ship is an exciting adventure for the whole family.


Snorkeling activity

Explore the seabed of Rethymnon with a snorkeling session. Take advantage of this experience to learn the basics of snorkeling but also to connect with nature and marine life with the help of a knowledgeable guide. This is a great activity for families wanting to discover the underwater beauty of Crete.

Horseback riding in Rethymno

Explore the surroundings of Rethymnon on horseback for a memorable adventure. Horseback riding is suitable for all levels, from beginners to experienced riders. Travel through mountain trails, beaches and olive groves, enjoying the magnificent landscapes and tranquility of nature. It is a relaxing and enriching activity for the whole family.


4x4 safari

For a dose of adrenaline, go on a 4x4 safari through the varied landscapes of Rethymnon. Discover mountain roads, traditional villages, impressive gorges and secluded beaches. Local guides share interesting information about the geology, flora and fauna of the region. This type of excursion offers a combination of adventure, discovery and fun for the whole family.

Family Treasure Hunt-Gastronomic Walk in Rethymnon

Take part in a family treasure hunt combined with a food walking tour through the old town of Rethymnon. This interactive activity allows children to have fun while discovering the history and culture of the city. Along the way, stop at different restaurants and food stalls to taste Cretan specialties. It’s a fun and delicious way to discover Rethymnon.


Rethymnon offers a multitude of activities for an unforgettable family vacation. Whether you're looking for outdoor adventures, cultural discoveries, or relaxation, this region of Crete has it all. Enjoy every moment together and create precious memories in this enchanting setting.