Rethymno Gastronomy tour



3 - 4 hours




2 - 6 persons


Every day except Sunday


Small group




Four Martyrs Church, Gerakari 6, 741 00

Price List
Price List


  • Discover the impressive old town's narrow streets, the stone built Venetian old houses 
  • Dive into Rethymno's magnificent culture
  • Enjoy a greek coffee in a small and quiet "kafeneio"
  • Explore the genuine flavors of Cretan gastronomy and all the superb sweet delicacies
  • Visit a local's workshop of "baklava", "kantaifi" and other phyllo pastry
  • Taste the famous thyme honey of Crete
  • Feel like a local for a day, by tasting the delicious homemade raki and the extraordinary mezedes

Every Stop a Unique Experience

1st Stop

A quiet "kafeneio"

Starting off, we will visit a beautiful "kafeneio” located in a unique spot inside the old town of Rethymno. This small, unfrequented square with its running fountain will be our first stop. There, we will enjoy an authentic Cretan breakfast, which consists of a traditional Greek coffee or juice and a handmade cheese pie (as we called it "sfakianopita") covered with organic thyme honey. We will start by discussing the main points of our visit; an introduction to the historical imposing monuments, traditions, customs, and the connection to Cretan Gastronomy will follow, as we all enjoy our Cretan breakfast in the calm atmosphere of this quiet cafe.

1st Stop

A quiet "kafeneio"

2 nd Stop

Thyme honey tasting

2nd Stop

Thyme honey tasting

After a short walk, we will head to a small shop with Cretan natural products so as to try the taste of genuine Cretan thyme honey and learn the history as well as the process of collecting honey. Mr Matheos, who owns this little traditional shop, will assist us in his own kind way. We can taste some types of honey, while we are in the shop; keep in mind that it is produced in the mountains; this element makes the taste so much different from the other kinds. Especially when these mountains belong to a truly unspoilt environment, away from the urban pollution, in a local ecosystem of extremely dense aromatic flora of endemic, self-sown flower plants, trees and shrubbery.

3rd Stop

The workshop of Mr. Hatziparaschos

After that, we will be able to see right through the heart of Rethymno; a Venetian mansion of the 17th century houses “Yorgos Hatziparaschos” phyllo workshop, the oldest of its kind. He is famous for making phyllo for more than 63 years now. Traditional phyllo is an essential ingredient for traditional syrupy sweets, such as kantaifi and baklava. While the ingredients are simple - flour, water and some salt - the proportions according to Mr. Hatziparaschos took years of testing. If we stand lucky, we will observe the master on the job! A fluid mixture falls into a special machine in the back room, where butter aromas fill the air; in the meantime, Mr. Yorgos' hot copper pan doesn't stop turning. Above the flames, hundreds of thin and baked strings of kantaifi are created. Sprinkled with the right balance of cinnamon and chopped walnuts, kantaifi is one of the most favorite sweets of the Greeks. The taste cannot described with words; you just have to try it!

3rd Stop

The workshop of Mr. Hatziparaschos

4 th Stop


4th Stop


Our next stop will be a "tavern" based on a building from the Venetian era that was occupied by the Ottomans. At this stop we will taste the best Cretan "mezedes", a small traditional dish of the Cretan and Ottoman cuisine, on the menu: Salad with tomato, cucumber, artichoke and bread crouton, White, red and rosé wine, Black beans with smoked trout, goat cheese Graviera, organic sausage sheet accompanied by raki. It is a small and friendly bar with a unique atmosphere where you can relax and drink delicious cocktails in the evening. Until then, you will be fully informed about the history of our city. If you wish to visit the fortress of Fortezza after the end of the tour our guide will be happy to help you and accompany you to the entrance of the fortress.

What’s Included

  • Local English or French speaking guide
  • Coffee and traditional snacks
  • Light lunch or dinner (vegetarian option included)
  • Small group tour
  • All taxes, fees and handling charges​
  • Lots of raki and laughter :)
CHILDREN (3 - 12)50%

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