A little romance on Crete


Romanticism in love is a trend or approach that emphasises intense emotions, passion, the idealisation of love and the search for a deep connection with one's partner. It emphasises the expression of feelings, sensuality and creativity in relationships. Romanticism in love is often associated with romantic gestures such as writing love letters, giving flowers, candlelit dinners, hand-in-hand walks and public displays of affection.

The Romantic movement, which emerged in 18th-century Europe, influenced the way people thought about love and relationships. The Romantics saw love as a powerful force that transcended the constraints of society and could lead to profound and transformative experiences. They valued emotion, subjectivity and individual expression in relationships.

Romanticism in love is often characterised by a strong emotional attraction, an intense concern for the other person's well-being and a desire to create romantic moments and memories. It emphasises the emotional connection and deep intimacy between partners. However, it is important to note that romance in love can vary from person to person, and that everyone has their own conception and expression of romantic love.


Romanticism in Crete refers to the expression of romanticism on this Greek island. Romanticism in Crete can be explored in many forms, including literature, music, art and natural landscapes.

As far as literature is concerned, Crete has a rich literary history which has been influenced by Romantic movements. Cretan writers often used poetry and prose to express romantic feelings such as love, passion and the beauty of nature. Some poets were also inspired by Greek mythology and used romantic elements in their writing.

Music is also a romantic means of expression in Crete. Traditional Cretan music is often infused with lyrical melodies and poetic lyrics that evoke intense emotions and love stories. Traditional instruments such as the Cretan lyre and mandolin are used to create a romantic mood in the music.
In terms of art, Crete is known for its picturesque landscapes and spectacular sunsets. Artists have often depicted these romantic scenes in paintings, capturing the beauty of Cretan nature and creating a romantic atmosphere in their works.

Last but not least, Crete also offers romantic spots for lovers, such as secluded beaches, picturesque villages and panoramic views. These romantic landscapes offer the perfect setting for couples looking for a romantic getaway or a romantic experience.

Love in Crete is a wonderful experience, as our Greek island offers a romantic setting with its picturesque landscapes, rich culture and warm atmosphere.


A boat trip can be a very romantic experience. Sailing with your partner can create an intimate and special atmosphere. Here are a few reasons why we think a boat trip is romantic:

  1. For isolation and privacy: A boat trip often offers an escape from the outside world, allowing couples to be alone, away from the distractions of everyday life. You can enjoy moments of peace and privacy, focusing solely on your relationship.
  2. A picturesque setting: Boat trips generally offer magnificent scenery, whether at sea, on a lake or along a river. Panoramic views, sunsets over the water or distant islands can create a romantic atmosphere and allow you to appreciate the beauty of nature together.
  3. Shared moments: Travelling together on a boat creates unique shared memories. You can have adventures together, explore new places and enjoy special experiences that will strengthen your bond.
  4. Intensifying emotions: The combination of water, sea breeze and the gentle movements of the boat can amplify emotions. The physical and sensory sensations can strengthen romantic feelings and bring you closer together as a couple.
  5. Romantic activities: During a boat trip, you can take part in romantic activities such as swimming in crystal-clear waters, stargazing at night or simply snuggling up together while enjoying the calm of the ocean and the magnificent sunsets Crete has to offer.

With the Romantic Sunset over Fortress Bay excursion, for us the key is to provide an experience that will allow you to connect as a couple and create meaningful memories together.


Watching the sun set over Fortress Bay in Crete is a truly magical experience. Fortress Bay is located in the town of Rethymnon. Here's what you can expect on this excursion:

  • A panoramic view: The bay of the Fortress offers a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean Sea. You can watch the sun slowly set on the horizon, colouring the sky in warm, golden hues.
  • The silhouette of the Venetian Fortress: The Venetian Fortress of Rethymnon, which dominates the bay, adds a romantic touch to the scene. The imposing silhouette of this ancient fortress stands out magnificently against the brightly coloured sky.
  • A peaceful atmosphere: Fortress Bay offers a tranquil and peaceful setting in which to admire the sunset. You can enjoy a romantic atmosphere, with the sound of the waves gently breaking on the boat and the gentle sea breeze caressing your face.
  • And above all, magical moments: witnessing a sunset over the bay of La Forteresse can create magical, memorable moments. You can share moments of complicity, take souvenir photos and simply let yourself be carried away by the beauty of the moment.