Tips for Crete: What you should know before your trip


Are you planning to visit the beautiful island of Crete ? 

Prepare yourself to be amazed by its picturesque landscapes in any weather, its rich cultural heritage and its delicious cuisine. Before leaving for this Mediterranean adventure, here are some practical tips in order to fully enjoy your stay !

1. Respect local driving customs

Driving in Crete can be a unique experience. As you traverse the island's winding roads, be prepared to encounter drivers who have their own code of conduct. To show your appreciation to those who let you pass, give a nod or a one-handed sign of thanks. However, avoid stretching or spreading your fingers, this could be misinterpreted.

2. Be aware on the road

Be careful when crossing the roads in Crete, as local drivers are not always the most courteous. They may not let pedestrians pass and may not respect speed limits. Stay vigilant and ready to react in all circumstances.

3. Be careful on the roads

On the mountain roads of Crete, the hard shoulder is often used as a lane to allow other drivers to overtake. Be vigilant and follow local driving rules to avoid any incidents.


4. Respect health standards

In many places in Crete, it is important not to throw paper down the toilet. Use the bins provided for this purpose to avoid any plumbing problems and to contribute to the preservation of Crete's ancient pipes.

5. Discover the traditional drink

Tsikoudi√°, also called rakis, is much more than just a drink for the Cretans, it is a real institution. Don't miss the opportunity to taste this traditional liqueur during your stay in Crete. It is often offered as a sign of hospitality in local taverns and homes. You can also discover varieties of Cretan wines !


6. Enjoy Cretan gastronomy

Cretan cuisine is renowned for its freshness and authentic flavors. Don't miss the opportunity to taste traditional dishes like dakos, souvlaki and delicious local olives. You will not be disappointed !


7. Explore beyond tourist attractions

Although Crete tourist sites are unmissable, don't limit yourself to them. Take time to explore the quaint villages, secluded beaches and lesser-known hiking trails to discover the true beauty of the island.


By keeping these tips in mind, you will be better prepared to have an enriching and memorable experience during your trip to Crete. Whether exploring its fascinating historical sites, relaxing on its golden sandy beaches or sampling its delicious cuisine, the island has something to offer every traveler seeking adventure and discovery. Our various excursions will allow you to explore a variety of destinations, savor traditional foods and also explore the mountains on trekking.