Canyoning and beach in South Rethymno - Rodakino



10 hours




2 - 12 persons


Every Monday and Wednesday


Canyoning and beach




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Price List


  • Visit the wild and beautiful south Rethymno district, passing through olive fields and mountains
  • Explore a breathtaking canyon, never visited by people other than a few dedicated canyoners
  • Gain full confidence in the use of canyoning gear and ropes, always guided by experts
  • Swim in the clear waters of the Libyan sea in a remote beach, away from the crowds

Every Stop a Unique Experience

Rodakino gorge and beach

  • distance

    Walking distance: 7 km

  • duration

    Walking duration:4-5 hours

  • Pick Up Time

    Pick Up Time:8:00

  • Return Time

    Return Time:19:00

  • Terrain


  • Include lunch

    Include lunch:No

Rodakino gorge and beach

Our day starts with about an hour drive through the prefecture of Rethymno, towards the south coast. When we reach the view of it’s endless blue, we’re almost there. We take a shepherd’s off road track to arrive to the entrance of this unknown canyon. Once there, we take some time to put on our canyoning gear and have a briefing of it’s use. Soon everybody will feel fully confident and we are ready to start the adventure.

The exploration begins from the first steps in the canyon. Beautiful rock formations show us how the water carves the earth through the ages. The steep walls of the canyon are full of wild vegetation, flowers and aromatic plants. Many different species of birds fly above us, some of them rather majestic, like the huge vulture Gyps Fulvus.

We will spend 4- 5 hours in this magical scenery, depending on the group. During our way, we will abseil down 15 rappels with ropes, one after the other, always guided by our instructors. Every rappel is a different experience, and the feeling of discovering a hidden destination is constant!

At the end of the path, our vehicles will be waiting to take us to our last –but not least- stop, the beach of Peristeres. This is one of the most isolated beaches of the area, mostly preferred by the locals. There, we can enjoy the crystal clear waters of the Libyan sea and relax. You also have the opportunity to taste some delicious traditional dishes in a kiosk by the beach, serving only local recipes.

What’s Included

  • Full canyoning gear
  • Specialised canyoning instructors
  • English or French speaking guide
  • All transportation
  • Light snack with local products
  • Photo album

    8+ PERSONS

    140 EURO P/P
    5-7 PERSONS155 EURO P/P
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